How to get to the community space:

The community space of Helsinki Pride is located in Ruoholahti at Kaapelitehdas. The physical address is Tallberginkatu 1 C, inner courtyard, 4th floor, 00180 Helsinki.

If you arrive by taxi or order one, ask the driver to drive you to the Kaapelitehdas main entrance in the inner courtyard.

Entrance to Kaapelitehdas:

The entrance to Kaapelitehdas is located in the inner courtyard. If you are in a wheelchair, please enter through the main doors. There is a wheelchair accessible slope to the entrance, with an incline of 11%. Entry through the stairwell marked C is not possible as there are stairs right after the door.

The main doors are heavy and do not open automatically. The threshold is 1,5 cm high and the doors 92 cm wide. After the foyer you’ll enter the lobby. There is a wheelchair accessible washroom in the lobby (more information below). Continue through the lobby to the glass doors opposite the Hima & Sali restaurant. The glass doors lead to stairwell C. These doors don’t open automatically either and they are heavy. The doors are 94 cm wide and the threshold is 2 cm high.

There is an elevator in stairwell C, that takes you directly to the 4th floor where our facilities are located. The elevator door is 87cm wide. The elevator is 112 cm deep and 99 cm in inner width. The elevator has a handrail 95 cm from the floor.

Elevator accessibility

The elevator door does not open automatically. The button for the 4th floor is 160 cm from the floor.

As you come out of the elevator on the 4th floor the glass doors in front of you lead to the lobby. The doors do not open automatically and they are heavy. The threshold is 1 cm high and the doors 94 cm wide.

Turn right from the lobby and you’ll enter a hallway that both of our community spaces are in. The big community space where our activities happen is first on the left.

Community space accessibility

The door to our big community space is 87 cm wide and does not have a threshold. The door to the separate kitchenette is 81 cm wide and the threshold is 2,5 cm high. The doors are always open before an event. If you arrive late and the door is closed you can knock, call or text us and we’ll come open it for you.

If you need help opening doors and operating the elevator we are more than happy to help! Call our community phone and we’ll come meet you. Please note that we only answer the phone when there are activities going on. The phone is answered by one of our volunteers. The number is 041 7441959.

Washroom accessibility

We don’t have a separate washroom in our facilities. An accessible washroom is located in the Kaapelitehdas lobby on the first floor. The toilet is one sided, there is empty space only on the left side of the toilet seat.

There is 106 cm of free space (in diameter) between the seat, door and sink. The door handle, sink, coat rack, toilet paper holder, emergency lever, hand paper and soap dispenser are located quite high, about 100 cm from the floor on average.

Accessible parking

Kaapelitehdas has five accessible parking spaces located in three different places.

There are two accessible parking spaces near stairwell D, where parking is limited to four hours. The widths of the spaces are 295 cm and 305 cm.

There is one accessible parking space next to stairwell F, about 90 metres from stairwell D, with a four hour parking limit. The width of the parking space is only 243 cm.

There are two accessible parking spaces in front of stairwell G, about 110 metres from stairwell D, with unlimited parking time.


Our facilities do not have an inductive loop.

Service dogs are welcome.