Helsinki Pride Community is a NGO and expert organisation that strives to eliminate inequality embedded in culture and language as well as social structures, values and norms. 

We used to be known as HeSeta ry – the Helsinki branch of SETA. Now we’re called Helsinki Pride Community, because we are proud of our diverse community! Revolutions and encounters, big or small, are always communal. We want for everyone to be seen and met as themselves, free of fear and discrimination.

That’s why we won’t budge on human rights. In the eyes of the law and society everyone must be equal, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. 

We take space on the streets and online. Through everyday encounters we create a safe community for those of us that are most vulnerable. We tear down discriminatory structures, bring people together and make room for all the colours of the rainbow.

Helsinki Pride Community

Youth Pride

We organise peer activities for young people over the age of thirteen. With Pride!
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Together with Pride

We support the wellbeing of asylum seekers by providing advice and help in a difficult life situation.
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Community evenings, events and courses

Helsinki Pride community evenings are based on spending time together in a safe and substance free environment. While drinking coffee, playing games or discussing different themes we get to know other members of the rainbow community and get a chance to reflect on our own experiences.
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Helsinki Pride event

In the June the most colourful cultural and human rights event of the year brings all colours of the rainbow to town.
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About Helsinki Pride Community

Helsinki Pride Community in numbers

31 years

8 employees

150 volunteers

In 2022

more than 200 customers in support and advice meetings

more than 140 group meetings

more than 1 100 visits to community activity evenings and groups

more than 120 000 participants in Helsinki Pride's various events

more than 70,000 participants in the Helsinki Pride parade

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