The adult activities are organized in our community room at the Ruoholahti Cable Factory.

The address is Tallberginkatu 1, courtyard, C-stairs, 4th floor, 00180 Helsinki.

The community room is located on the fourth floor. If you can't find the place or need help, you can call the volunteers in the community room: tel. 044 901 8827.

Below you will find more detailed information about the location and accessibility.
Location and accessibility


The groups are guided by trained volunteers. The volunteers don't offer individual counseling or offer crisis assistance. If you need this type of help, please contact our employees.

Please be on time. We close the doors 15 minutes after the activity starts.

All activities are alcohol-free.

We use principles of safer space, which you can find below.

If you want more information about the activities, please contact: annu@pride.fi.
Safer space principles

Spring 2024

Global Queers in Helsinki

Global Queers in Helsinki is for all LGBTQIA+ people living in Helsinki, but especially for those who for various reasons have moved here from somewhere else. The group aims to support and encourage everyone to feel welcome and at home in Helsinki.

If you speak English and are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, you’re welcome to join us for relaxed discussions and hangouts.

The group meets on the following Wednesdays at 18–20:

6.3. – first meeting, planning together the spring program

Languages: English

People of two minorities

People of Two Minorities ('Kahden vähemmistön väki', KVV, in Finnish) are evenings for sexual and gender minorities with disabilities and / or long-term illnesses (not necessarily physical disabilities).

This group brings together people who share experiences of life when being part of these two minorities.

The group is counselled by Raila Riikonen, a person with a physical disability. She is a peer counsellor and works as a sexual counselor. KVV is organized as a hybrid, so remote participation is also possible.

The group meets on Wednesdays at 17-19 during the following days:


Age limit: over 20
Languages: Finnish, ask Raila for a possibility to participate in English.
More information: Raila Riikonen: ilonkipina(at)gmail.com (044 063 9863).

Men's Evenings

Men’s Evenings are open to men of sexual and/or gender minority backgrounds, respecting everyone's right to self-determination and gender diversity.

The Men’s Evenings are for meeting and discussing about men in the queer community, to share thoughts about needs and wishes, peer support, and friendships. Come spend a nice evening together!

Group meets on Thursdays at 18-19.30:

18.1. - Games night, planning together the spring program
1.2. - UMK theme night!
15.2. - CANCELLED due to the public transport strike.
29.2. - No theme, free discussion and socializing
7.3. - Men's sexuality. Joonas Pesonen, sexuality counselor and social media professional will be our guest to answer your questions. Drop Joonas a question using the link below!
21.3. - Easter arts and crafts
4.4. - No theme, free discussion and socializing
18.4. - No theme, free discussion and socializing
2.5. - Eurovision night!
16.5. - Theme: Work life. More information coming later!
6.6. - Pride pre-party

Languages: Finnish and English
Ask Joonas about men's sexuality

Women's Evenings

Women's Evenings are open to women of sexual and/or gender minority backgrounds, respecting everyone's right to self-determination and gender diversity.

In the meetings, it is possible to participate in a free-form discussion as well as meet new people. Come spend a nice evening together!

Group meets on Mondays at 18-20:

Languages: Finnish and English

Creative writing

Welcome to the creative writing group!

In this group we practice creating writing and you will have the opportunity to present your own writings and receive feedback on them.

Previous experience in creative writing is not necessary.

Group meets on following Mondays at 17.30-19.30:

22.1. - Topic: 'Mind landscapes'
19.2. - Theme: Writing with images
18.3. - Theme: Friendship
15.4.- Theme: Spring
13.5. - Theme: Pride

Languages: Finnish and English

Русскоязычные вечера

Группа ЛГБТК+ открыта для всех русскоязычных квир-людей старше 20 лет.

В этой группе мы наслаждаемся и позитивно проводим время вместе. Нам нравится проводить время в нашем сообществе, мы общаемся на разные темы, играем в игры, смотрим фильмы и многое другое. В хорошую погоду мы также можем вместе ходить на прогулки и пикники.

Место: КАБЕЛЬНЫЙ ЗАВОД Адрес: Каапаукио 3, 00180 Хельсинки. Подъезд С (со двора), 4 этаж

Добро пожаловать, чтобы провести время с нами. Встречаемся в следующие дни с 16:00 до 18:00


Возрастное ограничение: 20+ Язык общения: русский Дополнительная информация: annu@pride.fi

ПРАВИЛА Читайте правила ниже (сразу под этим текстом). Обратите внимание, что мы не обсуждаем политику (войну) и религию.

Bi / Pan + -Evenings

Bi / Pan + -evenings are for those who identifiy on the spectrum of bisexuality and pansexuality. During the Bi / Pan + -evenings you can meet new people, chat, reflect your own experiences and create new friendships.

24.1. - Book circle and Bi and Pan+ sexuality in literature, discussion and book tips. You can come along even if you haven't read the books!
28.2. - No theme, free discussion and socializing
27.3. - The theme is recovery and relaxation
April meeting date coming soon!
29.5. - Picnic, outdoor games and discussions

Languages: Only in Finnish. If you'd like to participate, ask more information from Enni: enni@pride.fi.

Pride up Your Saturday

Come and have nice time with us!

Everyone who is interested in a fun and relaxed time together in a safe environment is welcome to the Pride up Your Saturday hobby group, which meets on Saturdays. Pride up Your Saturday group will give you fantastic start to your day in rainbowy company!

20.1. - Season opening, game night, planning the spring program together
3.2. - Game night and UMK panel discussion, planning the spring programme together
17.2. - Game night, planning the spring programme together
2.3. - Games
16.3. - Short films
6.4. - Games
20.4. - Games
4.5. - Eurovision evening
18.5. - Games
1.6. - Spring season closing party

Languages: Only in Finnish. If you'd like to participate, ask more information from Enni: enni@pride.fi.

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