The theme for 2023: Joy & Riot

The theme for this year is Joy and Riot. Joy highlights the happiness that our own identity and the diversity of our community can spark when we are equal, seen, and proud. Just like pride, joy acts as a counterforce to hate, injustice, and oppression in all, also internalized forms. Riot represents our right to exist, be seen, and heard – and honors our history and roots of Pride-movement.

Ei riemua ilman kapinaa – No joy without riot – Ingen gjädje utan revolt – Ii ávvudeapmi proteastta haga

Pride is both a celebration and a demonstration to defend human rights. That’s why this year’s campaign is built around joy and riot.

For the campaign, Angel Emmanuel, Catariina Salo, and Ritni Rávdnji Ráste Pieski described what joy and riot mean to them in their own languages. Slam poet Nihkee Akka, Jonna Nummela, turned these powerful and inspiring stories into one poem. During Pride week you can see and hear the faces of the campaign unashamedly and proudly claiming their own space.

 Where does your joy come from? What does your riot look like? Come and claim the space that belongs to you. See you at the march on 1 July.

Do you hear the sparks of the burning world flying
on these streets we rise to dance
My riot
A pinewood forest
straight backs, heads high
My riot
A chameleon
adapts, excites, survives
My riot
claims the space
bursts through the silence like a needle
My joy
love and light air
My joy
A soft violin playing songs of peace
My joy
Baby’s toes and safe havens
No fire without smoke
No one without everyone
No joy
without riot

Get to know Angel, Catariina and Ritni

Angel Emmanuel (they/she)

“I’m a designer and artist who likes to inspire people with their work .
My joy is for my inner child. My joy comes from my community. My riot is equity. My riot is for basic human rights. My joy and riot are for my Ancestors. For me, pride is a protest against hate in all the forms it presents itself in our society.”

– Angel Emmanuel, designer and artist

Catariina Salo (she/her)

“I am a 42-year-old journalist and Miss Gay Finland 2015 from Petolahti, although nowadays I am very much a Helsinki resident. For me, Pride is love for my fellow human beings but also riot. We must never forget our roots and where we come from. We must still stand side by side and fight for each other. Love and riot matter the most! Happy Pride!”

– Catariina Salo, journalist, Miss Gay Finland 2015

Ritni Rávdnji Ráste Pieski (he/they)

“For me, joy and riot are present every day. I have chosen to be openly who I am and live by my own truth every day, by belonging to a minority of a minority and being loudly myself. Two years ago I organised Sápmi Pride in my home municipality of Utsjoki and suddenly I was very much in the public eye on issues related to rainbow Sami. Frankly, I had not been prepared for the position I would put myself in. Within our community, rainbow Sami is still a big taboo subject that is hardly talked about. I didn't think that once I opened my mouth, there would be no going back to hiding and some kind of safety. But it has been worth it.
For one day at Sápmi Pride, I got to be a whole me together with my community. We were able to breathe and rest. I never imagined that I could feel like that in my home community.
Growing up, I had no role models like me. I figured, if I don't speak up, who will? I did, even though I was so scared and nervous. I can say now after two years, there is much more joy and happiness than fear in my eyes.
CSV! We are still here, we are still queer! Girjáivuohta norbman! Decolonize queerness!”

– Ritni Rávdnji Ráste Pieski, a Sámi drag artist, dancer, choreographer, performing artist and activist.

Helsinki Pride 2023 event information

Helsinki Pride parade

Parade that starts from Senate Square is a happy, colourful and loud demonstration for equality and diversity. In the parade everyone has the right to be exactly as they are. It is marvellous that you all are with us to show how versatile we are!
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Helsinki Pride park celebration

We are happy for the opportunity to come together again to conclude the Saturday of Pride Week with the traditional park celebration at Kaivopuisto in Helsinki.

Here you can find all of the information regarding this year’s park celebration that is organized, by tradition, in Kaivopuisto on Saturday, July 1st, starting at 1 PM!
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Helsinki Pride -events

Helsinki Pride 2023 is full of great events! We warmly welcome everyone in the community, allies and friends of queer culture! Most of Helsinki Pride events are open to all and free of charge. Some events are available in English – search with the category "In English"!
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Klaus K Hotel is the Pride House 2023

Pride House is the heart of Pride week, serving as a lgbtiq+ meeting place and event space.

Within the same walls, the Pride House will host discussions, performances, workshops and a wide range of other events from 26 June to 2 July, Monday to Sunday. Free admission for all participants!

The Pride House will also host the Helsinki Pride Info & Shop, where you can find official Pride merchandise. This year, the Pride House will be proudly hosted by Klaus K Hotel throughout Pride week.

Helsinki Pride partners 2023

Helsinki Pride Week is the biggest cultural and human rights event in Finland, gathering more and more support every year!

Our awesome partners are involved in promoting equality and equity: both by enabling Helsinki Pride -event, and by supporting our year-round human rights work.
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