Pride Parade starts from Senate Square

Parade that starts from Senate Square is a happy, colourful and loud demonstration for equality and diversity. In the parade everyone has the right to be exactly as they are. It is marvellous that you all are with us to show how versatile we are!

Amount of parade participants is again larger than any of previous years, so we plead for your patience at parade take off and due the march.

Helsinki Pride parade instructions


Date: Saturday 1.7.2023 Gathering together starts: Senate Square at 11 AM Parade take off: at 12:00 AM We arrive at Kaivopuisto Park from 13:00 onwards.

Parade route: Senate Square > Aleksanterinkatu > Mannerheimintie > Pohjois- Esplanadi > Fabianinkatu > Eteläinen Makasiinikatu > Kasarminkatu > Neitsytpolku > Kaivopuisto Park.

Length of the parade is 2,8 kilometres.

Assembling the parade

Parade assembly is at Senate Square. Starting point is at Aleksanterinkatu. The Aleksanterinkatu side of Senate Square is preserved for parade send-off. First section of the parade is formed from pre-registered groups, organisations and companies. Behind those is free space for private individuals to join in to our joyful parade!

Wonderful Pride Community volunteers assist in the assemblance of the parade at the Senate Square. If you need information concerning the parade assembly, please ask our volunteers.

Instructions for a safe march


Parade progresses at a walking pace. Occasionally parade must be halted at certain points to let other traffic pass. Pausings are run by security officers cooperating with police.

Safety of the parade is handled by security officers and police. All the participants must follow their instructions throughout the event. Traffic is controlled by professional traffic controllers.

Safe and peaceful march through a busy city requires cooperation among participants. If you see inappropriate behaviour, suspect that there is a security threat or see something suspicious during or before the parade, inform security officers or police immediately.

What is and isn't allowed to bring into the parade

Colourful outfits, balloons, plaques and other props are very welcome, but remember that product distribution at Senate square is prohibited without proper licence.

Torches, fire, smokers and fireworks are absolutely prohibited. Any violent behaviour will lead to removal from the parade.

Basic guidelines to demonstration

Demonstrating in the Pride Parade is effective, fun, empowering and communal. Pride Parade is a diverse and equal march that has no space for violence, slurs or hate. Appreciating diversity is a key aspect of all Pride events. Help us create a safe space for everyone to be authentic selves.

Pride Parade includes slogans that can be written on plaques. There might be demonstrators against Pride. That might feel unfair and annoying, but the right to demonstrate is equal. So one should not be provoked by counter demonstrators. We shall concentrate on the message of Pride, which is powerful and strong!

Together we guarantee a safe, respectful and empowering experience to everyone.


From Aleksanterinkatu to Senate Square has quite high paving, therefore free accessibility is possible only via the lowerings of crosswalks. Helsinki Pride has a small portable ramp that is available for usage for moving from Senate Square to Aleksanterinkatu. Security officers move the ramp from one starting point to another.

Aleksanterinkatu (street) is overall cobblestone. Furthermore the street has two tram rails, which might make moving with aid challenging.

First section of the route is cobblestone from Senate Square to Pohjois-Esplanadi. From Fabianinkatu onwards the pavement is asphalt, but the short section on the Eteläinen Makasiinikatu next to Kasarmintori (square) is cobblestone. At the end of Makasiinikatu is a small section that is quite steep. Declination is about 7,5 degrees. Cobblestone continues on Kasarmikatu to the corner of Pieni Roobertinkatu.

Besides cobblestone, accessibility issues concern the steepness of the hills. The beginning of Kasarmikatu is uphill and the slope increases towards the end. Peak of declination is about 7,8 degrees towards Surgical Hospital. After uphill there is downhill slope that is steepest at the declination of 7,8 degrees. Concerning the steepness of the hills one might need assistance.

Apart from hills and cobblestones, the parade route is easy and pleasant to walk.
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