In 2023, Helsinki Pride has more partners than ever before

This year, like the years before, Helsinki Pride has a strong set of diverse partners beside us. The attendance in Helsinki Pride has grown year after year thus demonstrating strong public support for equal human rights. In 2023, there are more partners than ever before, which is a strong message in support of human rights.

Partnerships with Helsinki Pride

Our partners are involved in our work to promote diversity and equal rights. All of our partners are committed to promoting diversity, the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community, and equal treatment.

Our partners make it possible for us to create a widely influental, brightly rainbow-colored, and accessible Pride month for all participants. In addition, our partners significantly support our year-round human rights and community work.

Our partners in 2023

Main Partners

Working with Pride partners 2023

Support Partners

Community partners

Small Business Partners