Here you can find the key accessibility information for Helsinki Pride 2024. The accessibility information covers the programme organised by the Helsinki Pride community itself and has been developed in cooperation with C Diversity.

The Helsinki Pride programme will again this year consist of over 200 programmes from a range of organisers. You can find the accessibility information of other organisers in our events calendar or, if necessary, by contacting the organiser directly.

Helsinki Pride Parade

Arrival at the Senate Square

Arrive at the Senate Square from the corner of Unioninkatu and Aleksanterinkatu, where there is a crosswalk and low paving. Join the parade from the other side of the square, from the corner of Snellmanninkatu and Aleksanterinkatu, at the crosswalk with the lowered paving.

There are two barrier-free portable toilets at Senate Square, the location of which is indicated on the map.
See the Senate Square map for more info

Route of the parade

Senate Square > Aleksanterinkatu > Mannerheimintie > Pohjoisesplanadi > Fabianinkatu > Eteläinen Makasiinikatu > Kasarmikatu > Neitsytpolku > Kaivopuisto.

The length of the route is approximately 2.8 km.

Aleksanterinkatu consists of cobblestones throughout its entire length. Aleksanterinkatu is also crossed by two tram tracks, which may make it difficult to move around with an assistive device. The pedestrian street on the left is more accessible, but may be crowded during the parade.

In addition to the cobbled sections, accessibility challenges on the parade route are related to the hills and their steepness. Kasarminkatu is initially uphill and at its steepest at 7.5% towards the Surgical Hospital. The uphill is followed by a downhill slope with a steepest gradient of 7.8%. Due to the steepness of the hills, the user may need assistance on the hilly parts of the route.

A video of the procession will be available soon on this page.
See the parade map for more information

Alternative access points

This year, the route will have three official access points, which will allow you to choose a more accessible route, taking into account the conditions. The first of these recommended access points is on the Pohjoisesplanadi, where we recommend going through the park.

Fabianinkatu is an entirely cobblestone street. The second of the previously mentioned access points is located on Kasarmitori. We recommend that anyone requiring as much accessibility as possible should walk across Kasarmitor through the Eteläinen Makasiinikatu. At the end of this street there is also a small, but steep, hill. The uphill slope is approximately 7.5% steep.

The third access point is located in Vuorimiehenpuisto, which is about 450 metres from the Kaivopuisto. After this point, the remaining route to the Kaivpuisto is flat and paved, with no major ascents or descents.
See the official access points on the map

Pride parade accessibility on video

You can also find information on accessibility in this video.
Watch the video

Helsinki Pride puistojuhla

Arrival at Park Festival

The main entrance to the Park Festival is on Neitsytpolku. At the Neitsytpolku entrance there is a sound beacon that plays the familiar bird song and announces the name of the place.

For safety reasons, the streets surrounding Kaivopuisto have been fitted with a transfer sign. If you leave your car on the street, you do so at your own risk, even if you have a parking card. All persons, including those with parking card, are advised to arrive by taxi. Additional questions:

Iso Puistotie will be closed to traffic during the event, but escort vehicles will be able to enter the area and drop off passengers at the horseshoe-shaped car park on Ehrenströmintie (near Café Ursula). Unfortunately, it is not possible to leave your own car in this car park.

From the parking area, there is direct access to the event area and to the most important places of the Park Festival, such as the performance stage, via Isoa Puistotie. Also in this part of the park, a sound beacon will make it easier to walk around, repeating the familiar bird song and announcing the name of the place.

Moving around Park Festival area

Park Festival area in Kaivopuisto is basically flat and easy to walk around. The area has flat walkways that lead to the various activities and points of Park Festival.

There are four separate toilet areas in the park, each with separately marked accessible toilets. There are a total of ten accessible toilets in the area, which are marked on the map. Toilet card users have the right to pass the queue. In addition to the park benches, there are partner points in the area with a limited number of chairs for seating.

There is an accessible seating area close to the programme platform, which can be used by those who wish to use it. However, use of the accessible grandstand is voluntary and the stewards are aware of this.
See the park festival map for more information

Park Festival accessibility on video

You can also find information on accessibility in this video.
Watch the video

HOBO Helsinki – Pride House

Arrival and entrance

HOBO Hotel has no accessible parking spaces. Taxis may temporarily drive and stop near the main entrance on Kluuvikatu to drop off or pick up passengers.

The main entrance of the hotel faces the street and there is a public footpath in front of the entrance, which is hard and flat. The entrance has a small rise and a threshold about 2 cm high. The door has an electric opening mechanism.

Indoors and getting around

The hotel reception is on the entrance floor. Pride House info and the Playground event space are on the 2nd floor.

To get to the lift, pass the reception area and turn left. There are three lifts in total. The lift provides access to all floors of the hotel, including the Playground on the 2nd floor, which is the venue for Pride events.

There are no induction loops in the hotel.

Accessible toilets

There is one accessible toilet, located on the ground floor. The toilet is located along the corridor to the left of the lifts. The door is light to open.

More information and video on accessibility

See more details and photos in this video.
Watch the video about Pride House

The Old Student House (Women’s party and Closing party)

Arrival and entrance

There are no accessible parking spaces in the Old Student House. On Mannerheimintie there are 2 spaces for escorted traffic. From the parking spaces, it is a short distance to the barrier-free entrance. The ground is flat, but in places paved. From the drop-off point, follow the side of the building to the barrier-free entrance. The ramp is at the end of the house.

The barrier-free entrance is located close to the excavation yard. Before the front door there is an 8% slope ramp with a handrail on the left hand side. There will be volunteers near the ramp ready to assist if you need help. The outer door is a two-part door and both door leaves will be open at all times during the event. The threshold at the entrance will be ramped.

Restaurant and terrace

Entering the Old Student House, you reach the rope ladder. The restaurant hall opens up, with the bar on the right and the main hall on the left. This area is barrier-free, i.e. there are no thresholds. There are no induction loops at the service points and no material is available in Braille.

The Old Student House has two terraces, one of which is accessible without barriers. It is located in Kaivopiha.


Contributors are admitted free of charge to the event.

Accessible toilets

There are two accessible toilets and they are located side by side on the 1st floor, to the left of the bar counter. The access route has a threshold and a small incline/decline with a handrail on both sides. The doors to both toilets can be passed through with an assistive device. Both have handrails on the inside of the door. Neither has an electric opening mechanism, but the doors are light to open. Both toilets have support rails on both sides of the toilet seat.

More information and photos of the venue

See more details and pictures in this file.
See accessibility information