Especially professionals working in social services, health care and education encounter individuals in sexual and gender minorities on a daily basis. When it comes to new clients, employees, students and patients it’s safe to assume diversity, that is, to to use language and model conscious support that dismantle heteronormative and cisnormative assumptions.

Individuals in sexual and gender minorities often need special support, especially with how society treats them. Professional need to be aware when social structures are discriminatory and place individuals in minorities in vulnerable positions. In the worst case, experiences of discrimination subject sexual and gender minorities to abuse, and avoiding social services can make them even more vulnerable. 

It is always the duty of the professional to address discrimination and solve the situation in a way that protects the victim of discrimination. Professionals need to remember that it is never the duty of the client to give them basic information but they should actively update their knowledge. You can find more information on this website, by contacting us and by getting to know our LGBTQIA+ vocabulary.


Helsinki Pride experts offer a wide range of training on sexual orientation and gender diversity for different groups.

Contact us via the form below, tell us what your organisation needs and we will tailor a training specifically for you.

Training for social and health care professionals

Our training aimed at social and health care professionals and students offer information on sexual and gender minorities from the perspective of encountering clients and well-being. The training is facilitated by an university educated trainer with expertise in the human rights, health and well-being aspects of working with sexual and gender minorities.

Training on equal treatment and equality at the workplace

Is it okay for everyone to be themselves at your workplace? Only about 15 % of sexual and gender minorities say that they can be completely open at the workplace. 22 % say they try to conceal their sexiual orientation or identity completely. We help create a safe space to work in, so that everyone can participate fully during the training. We offer concrete advice on how to pay attention to diversity in the work-life.

Tell us your needs and as much as you can about the target group, preferred date and time and special requests on theme or content. Contact us at toimisto(at) We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Research and other materials

Below we’ve gathered research and other materials related to LGBTQIA+ inclusive work. We will update the list as we go. The Seta - LGBTI Rights in Finland website also offers a lot of research material as well as national and international recommendations and reports on the human rights situation in Finland (in Finnish).
Read more on Seta website

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Book training


Yasmin Yusuf, Expert on Together with Pride work and Inclusion

Yasmin Yusuf
Expert on Together with Pride work and Inclusion / +35845 133 7077
On call and bookings for appointments on Tuesdays 11-13.

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Working with Pride

Our Working with Pride work aims at creating work cultures that appreciate diversity.
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