Importance of volunteers

Volunteers enable meaningful encounters through the year.

Volunteers can be involved either in year-round adult activities in the role of an counselor or as an event volunteer.

Without volunteers, the work of the Helsinki Pride community would not be possible.


We require from volunteers:
- enthusiasm to do meaningful work to improve the status of minorities
- 18 years of age
- participation in orientations and trainings

How to get involved?

Below you will find detailed descriptions of volunteer work opportunities.

Volunteer counselors

Activities all year round

Voluntary counselors guide the year-round activities for adults.

Volunteers mostly lead the groups as pairs or in a group, but they always have the support of employees available.

See all active groups from the link below!
Activities for adults

Trainings and meetings

A two-day training is organized for all new volunteer counselors.

We organize informal meetings for volunteers, which also have educational content.

Spirit of being together and communality is also supported with volunteer recreation days.

Become a volunteer

At the moment we are not looking for new volunteers for our year-round work.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Enni:

Helsinki Pride 2024 event volunteers

Volunteering for Helsinki Pride event 2024

Helsinki Pride is Finland's largest and most impactful human rights and cultural event, which wouldn't be as colorful and spectacular without volunteers.

Pride Month is celebrated in Helsinki throughout June. Volunteers can participate in various tasks throughout June, but most volunteer opportunities are during Helsinki Pride Week from June 24th to 30th, 2024.

Read more and apply from the link below!
Apply as a volunteer for Helsinki Pride 2024

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