Sky Terrace -roof terrace

The roof terrace is accessed from the 7th floor. To get from the elevator to the entrance of the terrace you must go through the accommodation corridor. There are stairs on the terrace. A portable ramp is available for the stairs, but it is significantly steeper than recommended. The recommendation is 8% and the portable ramp’s inclination is 22-28%. Additionally, there is a 5 cm high doorstep at the entrance. When both doors in the entrance are open the width of the doorway is about 110 cm. The covered area of the terrace is accessible.

3D-tour of Sky Terrace


Stage 1, 2 and 3

Access to these three conference rooms is only via stairs from Klaus K Dine. The stairs are long and there is a handrail on the right side of them.

3D-tour of Stage-conference rooms



The accessible route to Rake-hall is available through the 3. floor accommodation corridors. The width of the corridor in front of the entrance is about 120 cm. The width of the doorway is about 80 cm and once the widener is opened the width is about 110 cm.

From the entrance, you can independently go down a ramp to the conference room. The ramp is slightly steeper than recommended (the recommendation is 8%, the ramp’s inclination is 12%).

3D-tour of Rake-hall


Studio K and Lounge

Both rooms are located on the ground floor and the most accessible route is by elevator through the staff facilities. You need help from the staff to move into the space. There are two doors in the passageway to the rooms. The first one is about 78 cm wide and doesn’t have a doorstep. The second one is about 80 cm wide and has a 6-7 cm high doorstep.

3D-tour of Studio K

3D-tour of Lounge

Klaus K Dine

From the entrance floor, there is an elevator and stairs to the next floor, where Klaus K Dine is located.

3D-tour of Klaus K Dine