June 25th and 26th, 2020, Helsinki


The second LGBTIQ People of Faith seminar invites proposals and submissions of ideas for workshops, presentations, documentary screenings, art exhibitions etc. for a two-day seminar on the theme of ‘facilitating progress’ (primarily within our own faith community).

The first LGBTIQ People of Faith -seminar was organized in 2018 in Helsinki under the theme of ’Situation, Challenges and Opportunities’. The theme of the second LGBTIQ People of Faith -seminar in 2020 will be ’facilitating progress’. The seminars are part of Helsinki Pride Week. In 2018, over a hundred people participated in our one-day seminar and, to our dismay, we had to turn people away, having reached max capacity. This year we are expecting around 200 participants and are expanding the seminar over two days.

While the 2018 seminar addressed issues concerning multiple discrimination faced by LGBTIQ people of faith, this year’s seminar will focus particularly on certain kinds of stories and what we can learn from them – stories about challenges faced and innovative efforts to facilitate progress within one’s own faith community. Additionally, we invite reflections on how we can support people in faith communities from outside, while remaining mindful of how our efforts to help influence the circumstances for those on the inside. This year’s seminar will focus on the three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.


We believe that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, because communities are different and relationships are unique. Yet there is much we can learn from hearing about each other’s struggles and sharing how we have endeavoured to face them.

The seminar is organized jointly by Loisto SetlementtiFrom burden to resource project (Taakasta voimavaraksi -hanke), Helsinki Pride Community and the Evangelical Lutheran Parish Union of Helsinki.

At the moment we are sketching the program. Proposals and general suggestions for the seminar are most welcome! Please fill in the form if you are interested in joining the seminar as a guest, lecturer/presenter, workshop facilitator or artist.


The language of the seminar is English.

You can also tell us what kind of program would interest you, even if you are not able to facilitate the activity yourself.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide rewards, but we endeavor to help with travel, food and accommodation to international program contributors if necessary.

The deadline for proposals is February 16th, 2020.


Please fill in the form if you are interested in joining the seminar as a guest, lecturer/presenter, workshop facilitator or artist.

Link of the form and more information: https://my.surveypal.com/faith