We used to be known as HeSeta ry. Today we are Helsinki Pride Community, because that’s what we are most proud of – our diverse community. Encounters and revolutions, whether they are big or small, are always created together. We want a world where everyone is seen and encountered as who they are, free from fear or discrimination. That is why we will not negotiate, when it comes to human rights. Everyone should be equal in our society and before the law, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.


Our activities


Together with Pride:

We support the well-being of lhbtiq+ asylum seekers or people with a refugee background and provide help in challenging life situations. Joining our services and activities require individual/one-on-one meetings with our workers. Our services are primarily in Finnish or English. In case you need an interpreter, we kindly ask you to book a time through your social worker.


Youth with Pride:

We organise activities and groups for lhbtiq+ youth who are under 25 years old. Our activities are primarily in Finnish.


Events, activities, groups and workshops:

Our free time activities are mostly open to everyone. We organise diversely different activities from conversational evenings to active and participational hobby-groups and workshops. These activities are organised both in Finnish and English.


Helsinki Pride Week:

The most colourful culture and human rights event of the year brings all the colours of the rainbow to Helsinki on the last week of June. We are looking for partners and volunteers, who can help us to make this week possible – Join us!



We offer diverse education and training about the diversity of sexual orientations and genders. Our trainings and educations provide information about sexual and gender minorities from the perspectives of well-being or working life.


Do you want to hear more about our activities, become a volunteer, or are you in need of support?


Contact information:


Aaro Horsma

Executive Director

aaro@pride.fi / 045 121 0026

Phone hours: Tuesdays 14–15.

  • One-on-one support
  • Trainings and counselling
  • Partnerships and collaborations
  • Communications and media


Mimosa Puumalainen

Senior Community Worker

mimosa@pride.fi / 045 121 0024

Phone hours: Mondays 11.00-13.00

  • One-on-one support and counselling
  • Together with Pride
  • Trainings for social and healthcare professionals


Lili Pakalén

Community Worker

lili@pride.fi / 044 704 4985

Phone hours: Tuesdays 13.30-14.30

  • Youth with Pride
  • Volunteering
  • School visits and trainings


Mona Heimonen

Education and trainings planner


  • Work life trainings
  • Consulting


Ossi Lehto

Partnership Manager 

ossi@pride.fi / 045 633 5107

  • Helsinki Pride Week 2019 Partnerships


Board of Helsinki Pride Community 2019

Juha Kilpiä/ Chair

Danielle Gargour / Vice-Chair

Siiri Viinikainen

Hassen Hnini

Noora Nurminen

Luca Lönnfors

Laura Pönkänen


Vice members:

Wilhelm von Konow

Kristofer Ignatius

Rosa Meriläinen


Board emails:

Board members: firstname[at]heseta.fi

Whole board: hallitus[at]heseta.fi




Tallberginkatu 1C, 4th floor. 00180 Helsinki.

We do not have regular office hours. In case you want to organise a meeting with one of our staff members, please contact them via email to book a time.


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