Do you work in a company, organisation or community? And most importantly, do you want to offer work or volunteer possibilities to a diverse group of people?
We are participants of TOGETHER, HeSeta’s peer support group for LGBTIQ* asylum seekers and we are looking for new experiences and networks in working life. We have been engaging in HeSeta’s activities regularly and been in Finland for more than 3-6 months, which makes us eligible by law to work under contract.
In our group you can find people from different cultural backgrounds with a positive attitude. We are very eager and willing to work or volunteer and hoping to find new working possibilities. We have lots of empathy towards others and are able to adapt to new surroundings and people.
We, the participants of TOGETHER, have skills and qualifications from many different fields of work. Amongst us there are personal assistants, administrators, hairdressers, shop attendants, waiters, chefs and journalists. We have expertise in sports, fashion, carpentry, cleaning, customer service, IT, social work, rapping, dancing to mention a few skills. Our language skills range from English, Arabic and Persian to a bit of Finnish which we want to learn more.
We are interested in full or part time work, voluntary work, apprentice training, free skills learning or development programs, coaching and mentoring programs. We would love to offer our energy, motivation and talent to you.
With best regards, Participants of TOGETHER group
Please send details including description of work/volunteer position, skill and language requirements, contact person details and other possible needed information to Aaro Horsma, HeSeta’s planner: aaro[at] / 045 121 0026.
(LGBTIQ* – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer)