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Mens Evening

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Is there a need for queer men spaces and activities, what options are there already and could be needed?

The first Mens Evening at Helsinki Pride Community is held to meet and discuss about men in the queer community, to share thoughts about needs and wishes, peer support, friendships and more.

Joining the discussion and sharing experiences from the community and scene Tom, Mr Fetish Finland and one of the god parents of Pride 2019. You can read about Tom and his thoughts from his Pride -blog.

Join us for the discussion of what is already happening and what could be needed in future!


The Mens Evening is open for all 20 year + queer folks who identify as men or feel connection to masculinity or manhood in their in identity. More information aaro(@)

*Term ”Queer” is used as umbrella term to all gbtiq+ men.

The first Mens Evening will be held on Friday 25.10. 18.00-20.30.


Tom Hurd

Tom Hurd