Celebrating autism with pride

We are celebrating the arts of autistic community and also we are having a panel discussion about autism and gender, sexual rights and bilingual consent, transgender issues in the city of Helsinki and much more. We aim to bring autism awareness and acceptance. Therefore all are welcome to come and join the event, neurotypicals and neurodivergent population.


Autismitietoisuuden päivä paneelikeskustelulla seuraavista aiheista: autististen aikuisten seksuaaliset oikeudet, transsukupuolisten edunvalvonta, autismi ja sukupuoli. Ja tila juhlia autistisen yhteisön tuottamaa taidetta, kaikki ovat tervetulleita!

Are there accessible parking spaces near the entrance?


Is there room for the escort service (taxi/taxis) to stop in front of the entrance?


Is the route to the entrance accessible?


Is the entrance accessible?


Is it accessible to all parts of the event?


Is there a functioning induction loop and the necessary signage in the event space?


Does the event space have a barrier-free toilet that complies with accessibility requirements?


We also ask event organisers to indicate other considerations on accessibility in the form (e.g. sound barrier at the entrance, floor signage, braille material, wheelchair spaces in the auditorium).

Redi kauppakeskus Kalasatama has all accessibility requirements for a wheelchair user for example, visual signage for the entrance will be publish in the morning of the event 30.06. There are employees in the kauppakeskus who can support access to the event space.

  • 30.6.2023 klo 17
Kalasatama’s Vapaakaupungin Olohuone Redi kauppakeskus Kalasatama (2nd floor, next to Normal)

Hermannin rantatie 5, 00580 Helsinki – Redi kauppakeskus Kalasatama (2nd floor, next to Normaali)

Grace Joplin, Suomen Autismikirjon, Elena Mayans and Autismiiliitto,

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