Drag-It-Out Show Gala

Welcome to Drag-It-Out Show Gala in Cultural Centre Caisa! This program offers young people who are interested in drag the opportunity to learn and enjoy drag art culture. In the event you will see fantastic young drag artists showing diverse art of drag: glam, punk rock, vintage etc. Each artist is unique. The amount of the seats is limited and access to this event is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please arrive on time.

This event offers young people who are interested in drag culture a possibility to learn and enjoy a show that is done for young people. In the event there is going to be a worker of Cultural Center Caisa, experts of drag art and a youth worker.

This event is only for young people and not for adults. Access to the show is only for those under 18 years old.

  • 30.6.2022 klo 19-21
Kulttuurikeskus Caisa

Kaikukatu 4 B, 00530 Helsinki

Kulttuurikeskus Caisa ja We Are Queerlesque

Nuorten Pride(ÄLÄ KÄYTÄ) Nuorten Pride 2022
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