[Un]Acceptable Daily Intake

Mikael Liimon ja Jonathan Shi’n näyttely [Un]Acceptable Daily Intake käsittelee queer-kulttuurin kohtaamia haasteita.

Näyttely on osa Espoon tapahtuma- ja kulttuuripalveluiden Pride -tapahtumia.


The Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) measures the safe amount of a substance for daily exposure without posing health risks. In contrast, there is no acceptable amount to expose queer individuals to daily toxins such as discrimination, micro-aggression, and hatred. This project, [U]ADI, is a physical manifestation of said toxins.

Mikael Liimo, born ’82 in Finland. Queer. Lives and works in Germany. Jonathan Shi is a graphic designer and artist. His art explores semiosis with a focus on textual communication. He has lived in Asia, the US, and most recently, Europe.

The exhibition is part of Espoo Event and Cultural Services’ Pride events.

  • 2.-22.6.2023
Espoon kulttuurikeskus, Nuottiparvi

Espoon Kulttuurikeskus

Taidenäyttely(ÄLÄ KÄYTÄ) Helsinki Pride 2023