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We support the well-being of LHBTIQ+ asulym seekers or people with a refugee background.

Helsinki Pride -yhteisö (in English, Helsinki Pride Community) is a non-governmental organization that aims for a society of equality and individual welfare that includes everyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Helsinki Pride -Community organizes peer supportive group meetings for sexual and gender minorities, counseling and training on lgbtiq*-issues. Helsinki Pride Community is based in Helsinki and operates in the Uusimaa area.


Together With Pride is a peer supportive community for lgbtiq*-people that are seeking an asylum in Finland or have a refugee background.  The aim is to support well-being, strengthen social networks and offer information about rights and services in Finland. You may have just arrived or already stayed here for a while.


Together With Pride activities are for lgbtiq*-people over 18 years old. In the meetings we speak English and most of the times have volunteers to assist Arabic speakers.


How to join?

All participants are met before joining group meetings in private meetings. This is to ensure safety of all participants and to give more detailed information. If you wish to participate, please contact your social worker to book a meeting at Helsinki Pride -yhteisö.


Note that if you need an interpreter, you must ask your social worker to book an appointment to a meeting with our worker